Misha Sperka


From the Northern midwest to Hawaii

Misha was born in Wyoming and grew up in Neenah, Wisconsin. He went to school at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Served in the US Navy from 1966-1969 as a Deep Sea Salvage Officer aboard the USS Ute ATF-76 serving a year in Vietnam. Following his Navy service Misha joined Makai Range based out of Waimanalo, Hawaii and conducted experimental research diving with full saturation  habitat dives to 520 feet depth


World traveler

From 1972 Misha traveled the world aboard his yawl the Hikaroa. Sailing on his 49 foot wooden yawl he has seen much of Africa, Southeast Asia, and of course the South Pacific. Married in Tahiti and his first child and only daughter Marlene born in Cairns, Australia and spending the first three years of her life at sea.  


Austria and Hawaii

Misha lived in Austria throughout the 1980s while collecting antique Charts and Prints from galleries and collections throughout Europe and the United States. In 1990 Misha moved back to the US and in 1992 started up Old Hawaiian Coffee.


Deep Diving

Misha Sperka was an aquanaut working for Makai Range between 1968-1972.  He was doing saturation diving down to 520 feet.   He has traveled the world and dove the world over. From 1991-2015 he was a Scuba Diving instructor in the Kona area.